About Zwaply

Zwaply wants to be a contribution to make crypto available to the masses. In order for this amazing revolution to win, we need to make it extremely easy for people to use, and transact, with crypto currencies.

That’s why we created a solution that delivers on top of IM apps. Instant, non-custodial, secure, and private crypto exchange.

We started working on Zwaply at the beginning of 2018, but launched our first beta version  (only Twitter, Telegram, and web) in October 10, 2018.

Today, people can exchange 100+ crypto currencies. But we envision a tokenized world, where probably millions of tokens, coins, and digital currencies will co-exist.

And we all want to save time and hassle in our daily lives. That’s why we believe a service available in the most used IM in mobile phones is a killer feature for crypto to win the hearts of everybody.

Zwaply Founder – Gonzalo Arzuaga

I’ve been an internet entrepreneur since 1996. The first time I sent an email in 1995 I got mesmerized. I couldn’t believe my eyes. In 1999 I sold my first internet startup for millions to Terra/Lycos, only 3.5 years after I created with only $300 my mom gave me.

In 2007, together with my brother Fernando Arzuaga, we created KillerStartups.com. Right after an amazing friend/investor/entrepreneur Matías de Tezanos, joined us in the venture that we sold in 2014 to Startups.co/Fundable.

It took me to May 2017 to fully comprehend the real impact the crypto revolution was going to have in the world. And mostly for people in underdeveloped countries, like Argentina where I’m originally from.

I wrote Money 2.0 (my 11th book, I got the writing bug in 1996 when I published “Doing Business Online” and in 1997 “Marketing Online”) and created a venture fund investing only in ICOs (Terrifico Capital), but I wanted to get involved, hands-on. That’s how Zwaply was born. And the rest is history 🙂

You can always reach me by email: help [at] zwaply [dot] com.

Let’s make easier for regular people to join the crypto revolution!

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Our Partners

We use Bitprim Node for BTC and BCH.