Earn crypto: Zwaply Affiliate and Partners program

Zwaply Affiliates, Partners, and Ambassadors

Thanks for your interest in partnering with Zwaply! The idea is that you love so much the service we’re offering (making crypto easy for the masses) that you want to get involved in working together.

For Affiliates

1) How does our affiliate program work?
1. Get a personal affiliate link and share it with the world.
2. A person clicks on your link and comes to our Twitter profile. They have to click on Message, and hit Send (with the standard message included.)
3. That way we tag the person in our database with you as the referrer. Obviously the person has to be a Twitter user and do the exchange using Twitter (sending a DM to @ZwaplyBot).
4. All the exchanges the person does for life with us, you’ll receive 50% of our commission.

2) What’s the minimum to withdraw?
0.01 BTC (roughly $100 US Dollars) so you won’t lose most of your earnings on network fees for the transaction.

3) How to get your unique affiliate link?
You don’t need to register to become an affiliate. Get your affiliate link by typing ‘affiliate’ on a DM to @ZwaplyBot on Twitter.

Your Twitter username would be your referrer ID with us.

If you have questions about our Affiliate program, please reach out to us: help [at] zwaply [dot] com

For Partners

Are you a crypto wallet or a coin news site that’d like to offer your users/readers a very easy to use instant exchange? Let’s talk, we have something for you! Please reach out to us: help [at] zwaply [dot] com

Zwaply Ambassador

If you’re an influencer on Twitter, we’d love to tell you more about our Ambassador program. It’s a bit more than being just an affiliate, and we’re positive you’d like to start promoting the Zwaply brand with your fans and followers. Let’s talk! Please reach out to us: help [at] zwaply [dot] com