Zwaply Help

Zwaply Help

Twitter: @zwaplycom

(Entendemos Español. Falamos Português. More languages added soon.)

I’m Gonzalo, Zwaply’s founder. Because we created Zwaply for you, I’m personally taking care of your issue.

I know having a problem sucks, that’s why we decided to have customer success reps all over the world, to cover all time zones. Rest assured we’ll do everything to fix it as quickly as humanly possible.

The fact you need help with your transaction is not good. We know that. One of the things we implemented is a system (Freskdesk) to give you the BEST customer support ever. 

Everytime someone reaches out to us for help, I personally get notified, as well as the customer success reps around the world that are on duty at that time. No matter how you reach out to us (by email, skype, Twitter, etc) we all know you’re having a problem.

Also, if you’re not happy with the response we gave you, you can always email me: gonzalo [at] zwaply [dot] com.

Thanks for joining the crypto revolution!

P.S. Our goal is to have you so amazed with our service that you become a Zwaply Ambassador 🙂